Ape Media stands in solidarity with the nationwide protests and movements challenging the systemic racism, injustice and violence against Black people.

As a charity, we know we must [all] do more to address systemic racism, and we must do it better. Our trustees and staff are diverse.

We recognise that it is our role to provide leadership in this area, and we are fortunate in having trustees who will always challenge us to do more.

Progress has been too slow so far locally and nationally. A meaningful and robust focus on now achieving these ambitions is needed by every member of our community. We are all accountable.

Our latest projects

#Dusk2Dawn The Evaluation (2019) - APE Media

#AMothersVoice (Aunt Sophie) #DawntoDusk - APE Media

ExCeL in the Arts 2018- APE Media | Summer Arts Project | Pressure

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”– Helen Keller

#AMothersVoice (Mother Faiza) #DawntoDusk - APE Media

BlackWoman 2018 – The Inauguration - Official Promo

#NewhamRising 2018 | Anti-Knife Crime Project Short Film | Ape Media


2016   The Thames Gateway Business Award 2016 | Winner | The Judges’ Award  
2016   The Thames Gateway Business Award 2016 for Community Enterprises & Engagement   
2014   Inspire Positive For Youth Award  
2010   Winner | Enterprise Britain 2010 Regional  
2010   Enterprise Britain 2010 National Runner Up 

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